Second World Urbanity Primary Source Reader

Dear Second World Urbanity Network,
We will hold a planning meeting at the upcoming ASEEES conference in Washington, DC, for the Second World Urbanity Primary Source Reader. This project is in its early stages and I solicit your ideas for a reader that could be used in our classrooms, for teaching about socialist urbanism at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
The meeting will be held:
Friday, November 18, at 3:45pm
In the Cleveland 2 Room at the Conference Hotel (Washington Marriott Wardman Park)

Questions for discussion include: whether the reader should be an online and freely available resource or a printed volume (or both); what sources you would like to see included in the volume; and other geographical, temporal, copyright, and access considerations.
All are welcome and your advice and ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Best wishes,
Katherine Zubovich, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Office: 604G Stabler Hall, 501-569-8398

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